iPhone 5 design confirmed by in-depth video leak

This is it. We’re pretty sure that this is the back casing for the iPhone 5. Why so confident? Well, it’s pretty much exactly the same as the version that 9to5Mac and iFixyouri revealed last week. This time, though, there’s an in-depth video hands-on. So what’s new? Read on to find out.

The video below shows an iPhone back plate that’s exactly the same as seen in previously leaked images. It’s a handsome thing that’s not too dissimilar to the iPhone 4S, but there’s still enough to get excited about. Let’s deconstruct…

Taller design

This iPhone is roughly the same width as the current model, but is about half a centimetre taller. That’s obviously to accommodate a larger screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio, but it doesn’t look as though the iPhone 5 will be a huge amount bigger in the hand.

Two-tone back

The rear casing looks to be two-tone, with aluminium top and bottom, surrounding a middle plate of what’s likely anodised aluminium. This means two things: firstly that the phone is a little bit thinner for not having a rear glass plate, and secondly that it looks as though Apple might be readying a set of iPhones in different colours for the first time.

Smaller dock connector

The oft-rumoured smaller dock connector makes an appearance here, which has given Apple the chance to include what looks like some meatier inbuilt speakers. The extra room may also provide space for a larger battery.

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Headphone jack

The headphone jack’s been moved to the bottom of the handset on the iPhone 5. Whether Apple’s had this in mind all along or not, it pulls the iPhone back in line with the old iPods, and makes sense if you think about the direction in which you put a phone in your pocket.

Smaller home button

If you look at the top and bottom panels on the back here, and imagine that they represent where the edges of the display will be on the other side, it seems as though the space underneath the screen for the home button is less than on the iPhone 4S. That means that the home button could be smaller or may, for the first time, be replaced by a touch-sensitive one.


The secondary microphone hole, which currently resides on the top of the iPhone, looks to have been moved to sit next to the camera and LED flash. Nothing major, but still worthy of note.

Of course, all of this is still speculation. We don’t know if the leaked part is legit, but there’s enough behind it to suggest that it may well be. We’ll have to wait until Apple unveils the iPhone 5 to know for sure, but we’d be willing to put a bit of cash down that says this is what it’ll end up looking like.

Your thoughts? Let us know below.

Source: 9to5Mac

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