RIM launches BlackBerry Video Store - Movie streaming service with Blu-Ray super powers

Last September RIM announced that it would be bringing a movie streaming service to the PlayBook by the name of the BlackBerry Video Store. That service is officially launching at Mobile World Congress with the backing of content giant Rovi, bringing Blu-Ray skills to the 7-inch tablet.

The first thing you’re probably wondering is: what’s Rovi? You’re forgiven for not knowing the content company, because it mostly lives backstage. That’s not to say that Rovi’s not a big player: it provides content in the way of video and ads for the likes of Netflix as well as APIs for the band info pumped into Spotify, Shazam and more.

It’s also the owner of DivX, which brings some meaty features to RIM’s movie service. DivX+ Streaming is the standard Rovi’s using, which brings lighting fast 1080p streaming or downloading, along with full Blu-Ray feature set such as chapters and audio commentaries.

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“Rovi continues to lead as a technology provider for major brands that wish to add value and complement their devices with the addition of Internet-delivered premium entertainment,” says Rovi’s David Cook.

Long story short: Rovi’s involvement backstage in the workings of the BlackBerry Video Store is a pretty impressive move from RIM. The service is going live in the US imminently with the PlayBook 2.0 software, but will be coming to the UK in the second half of the year. Movies are available to rent or buy, a la iTunes.

Thanks to the PlayBook’s inclusion of an HDMI out, the streaming service could be a top alternative for owners of RIM’s tablet who don’t want to sign up to Netflix. Is RIM finally starting to do the right thing by its flagship tablet? Let us know your thoughts below.

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