Faster Samsung Galaxy S 2 to battle the iPhone 5 this September

We haven’t been coy in showing our love for the Samsung Galaxy S 2. Since its arrival it quickly became our favorite Android smartphone, but today we’ve learned a faster, more powerful, Galaxy S 2 may be coming this September.

The purported Samsung Galaxy S 2 will feature a 1.4 GHz dual core processor (up from 1.2 GHz), 1GB of RAM and run Android Gingerbread 2.3.4. A late August or early September release would position the beefed up smartphone to compete directly with Apple’s iPhone 5 (4S).

Granted, a September iPhone 5 (4S) release date is far from confirmed, but it remains an overwhelming favorite based on independent industry research. Samsung has proven it will update its hardware at a moment’s notice to compete with Apple — look no further than the Galaxy Tab 10.1. A late inning substitution of an overclocked processor in the Galaxy S 2 would only be fitting.

The real question remains: will a faster Samsung Galaxy S 2 sway your iPhone 5 (4S) purchase? We’d imagine Samsung will be following these responses closely.

via PhoneArena

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