Nokia N9 advert leaks - Five Secrets revealed

The fabled Nokia N9 has just popped up in a spectacular leak courtesy of Pocketnow: an apparent advert for the first ever Nokia MeeGo phone. We’ve been watching the clip frame by frame to find out what we can and there are some surprises that it reveals: read on and find out what to expect from this smartphone before Nokia switches to Windows Phone 7 entirely.

12 megapixel camera spotted (0:11)
Skip to 11 seconds in and you’ll get a quick glimpse of the camera sensor on the back of the Nokia N9: it’s a 12MP Carl Zeiss jobbie complete with auto focus. That’s music to our ears and eyes, as it means it should match the Nokia N8 for stunning mobile pics.

Ovi Maps is coming to Meego (0:17)
This was likely filmed before Nokia’s big branding switch this week to drop the “Ovi”, but Nokia’s excellent mapping service is present on the Nokia N9 MeeGo’s menu screens. That should come as no surprise given that it was also present n the Maemo powered Nokia N900, but that lacked turn by turn navigation. Which brings us to the next curiosity:

Ovi Drive (0:44)
Yeah, what the hell is Ovi Drive? It’s possible it could be a cloud storage service, Dropbox style, but the icon appears to suggest road traffic. Perhaps it’s the turn by turn part of Ovi Maps broken out into a separate app, as Google Maps Navigation is on Android.

Card based multitasking (0:24)
As a successor to Maemo, we expected multitasking with panes showing the live state of an app, and that appears to be what you get, as you can see in shots peppered through the clip.

A non-broken onscreen keyboard (0:28)
The Nokia N9 appears to have a slide out QWERTY keyboard akin to the Nokia E7′s, though this has been known about for some time. What’s more of a relief to see is an onscreen QWERTY keyboard that isn’t Symbian’s, whichh we’ve cursed on regular occasion for its grid like layout. Here, the lines are slightly asymmetric, so that they all line up in the centre. Excellent!

Anything else we missed? Sound off in the comments below!

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