fake Mario game being played on an iPhone

UPDATE: Annnnd it’s gone. We’d like to say it was fun, but well, it was actually copyright infringing garbage. For once we’re happy to see Apple wielding its ban hammer.

Monino is one of those iPhone apps. The sort that have clearly some how slipped through Apple’s rigorous (and sometimes arbitrary) approval process. It’s an IP infringing Super Mario spoof, complete with Nintendo’s own artwork and music. Unlike some of those iPhone apps, it’s also so bad it needs to be played to be believed. Read on to see the video.

Monino, by developer FeiYingInfo, was just added to the iPhone App Store yesterday, though we do wonder how it ever made it at all. It’s a mish mash of Nintendo artwork and names (Monino must face the evil Bowler), and copyrighted MIDI music that completely fails to capture the imagination in the way Nintendo manages. The goombas appear to have been drawn in paint, and the fireballs are just red circles.

We’re giving this one hours before the plug is pulled, so get it on your iPhone now – it’s worth the 59p to show your mates just how bad it is.

Out Now | £0.59p | iTunes

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