Sony unveils dual-screen Android tablet

Two Sony Android Honeycomb tablets have arrived… kind of. Sony has announced the Sony S1 and Sony S2 Android Honeycomb tablets without actually outing many specs for the pair. The Sony S1 is a fairly standard-looking slate with a 9.4in screen, PlayStation integration and the Qriocity media suite (which includes music, video and ebooks) baked in.

The Sony S2 is a quirkier, dual-screen Android Honeycomb tablet with two 5.5in 1024×480 displays which Sony promises can be used together as one big screen or for different functions simultaneously. For instance, checking email on one screen whilst browsing a website on the other.

Both tablets will arrive, packing Tegra 2 processors, sometime around the end of the year. Sony hasn’t revealed any pricing yet so this is essentially just a call for attention that says: forget that iPad 2, we’ve got tablets coming!

Out late 2011 | £TBC | Sony

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