HTC Sense 3.0 unofficially hits the HTC Desire HD

Love it or hate it, the will of a group of xda-developers can overpower even the most daunting task. Yesterday, HTC confirmed the HTC Desire HD would not support the Sense 3.0 UI, at least not in any official capacity. Say hello to your unofficial Sense 3.0 support my friends.

Here’s the story: xda-developers member capychimp used a recent ROM dump of the upcoming HTC Sensation to piece together a custom ROM for the HTC Desire HD. This ROM is based on Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread and includes Sense 3.0. This begs the question: is the hardware in the Desire HD (and other Desire series devices) actually underpowered for the UI? It may be as simple as allocating company resources to support newer devices and for that we can’t fault the manufacturer.

Now back to the custom ROM. As with most custom ROMs, the bug list is extensive (for now). If you are new to the game we’d recommend sitting on the sidelines for a while — at least until the major issues can be ironed out. For the adventurous folks, head right on over to the xda-developers thread below and take Sense 3.0 for a spin on your Desire HD, enjoy.

Out Now | xda-developers | Free [via coolsmartphone]

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