Angry Birds Sync to unify game play - no more replaying levels

If you’re an Angry Birds fan who owns a tablet and a smartphone, we’ve got some great news. Rovio Mobile, by way of Twitter, has confirmed it’s working on a solution which will “get all Angry Birds devices in sync”. In the very near future we’ll no longer need to beat the same levels on our tablets, computers and smartphones — we’d call this Angry Birds paradise.

Fan boy antics aside, iOS was largely responsible for making Angry Birds the success it is today. As an iPhone owner, like many of you, I purchased the game not long after its release. When the iPad came along with Angry Birds HD I couldn’t resist taking the plunge and buying a second, albeit more expensive, copy of the game. My only complaint was that I had to replay all of the levels I had beaten on my smartphone.

The Angry Birds sync solution is expected to be ready “before summer” and reportedly will sync your game play across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. Despite being a huge supporter of an Angry Birds sync feature, I’d be remiss if I didn’t express my concern for fair gameplay.

Much like the world of PC gaming differs from that on consoles, input methods used when playing Angry Birds may offer a significant advantage. In my own experience, playing Angry Birds on the iPad with its 9.7-inch display is far easier than the 3.5-inch display of the iPhone.

Since Angry Birds does not offer a multiplayer experience this is probably not a deal breaker for most, but when the time comes (and we do expect it will) I’d like a level playing field. As ridiculous as it may sound, I’d like added kudos for beating the game with three stars entirely on a smartphone, wouldn’t you?

For those of you who play Angry Birds on different devices/platforms, what do you think about an Angry Birds sync solution?

Coming Soon | RovioMobile | Free [via 9to5Mac]

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