iOS 4.3 released, iPhone 5 uses A5, Europe loves Android - US Update

Rise and shine, it’s time to start your morning off right with today’s US Update. Breaking headlines across the web this morning was the availability of iOS 4.3. Deep within the update was confirmation the iPhone 5 uses the dual-core A5 processor. The Apple TV also got its own update, here’s the scoop.

iOS 4.3 is now available via iTunes. Three highlights of the update are Personal HotSpot, iTunes Home Sharing and new AirPlay features — you can stream video from websites and third-party apps. 9to5Mac is reporting that inside the source code of iOS 4.3, confirmation of the iPhone 5 processor exists. The iPhone 5 will use the dual-core A5 ship, just like the iPad 2.

The Apple TV 4.2 update, also released this morning, enables Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, and several media streaming options: MLB.TV and NBA League pass are the more notable. Moving away from the world of iOS, IDC has published their latest market research and finds European Android growth is exploding at an unprecedented rate. The firm has dubbed Android as the “fastest growing operating system”.

The Microsoft Kinect shares a similar title, Guinness Book of World Records awarded it the title of “Fastest Selling Consumer Electronics Device”. With 10 million Kinect sensors and 10 million Kinect games sold in four months, like Denzel Washington — the Kinect is unstoppable.

That wraps up your daily dose of tech news. As always I’m Nick Marshall and I’ll see you again tomorrow.

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