Windows 8 Intel phones planned, Windows Phone 7 over already

Windows Phone 7? Pah! You want a Windows 8 phone. You just might have to wait a little while. During Intel’s latest earnings call, CEO Paul Otellini revealed plans for Windows 8 phones. Yep, now Windows Phone 7, Otellini is already onto the next operating system…

Otellini said of Windows 8: “The plus for Intel is that as they unify their operating systems we now have the ability for the first time: one to have a designed-from-scratch, touch-enabled Os for tablets that runs on Intel that we don’t have today. And secondly we have the ability to put our lowest-power Intel processors running Windows 8, or “next-generation Windows” into phones, because it’s the same OS stack…”

Jolly good but what does that mean for people who’ve plumped for Windows Phone 7 and developers who have through their lot in with Microsoft’s mobile moves? Steve Ballmer talked Windows Phone 7 up during his Microsoft CES keynote but it looks like that OS could end up being an interim move.

Let us know: should Microsoft just roll everything into one OS? Or is building a dedicated mobile OS the way to go?

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