Apple prepping a second, smaller iPad 2

We’ve given you a thorough dose of Apple iPad 2 news over the past few weeks, but today we have a shocking twist. An unknown source has confirmed to Reuters that a second, smaller iPad 2 will be joining the larger 9.7-inch model early next year.

There might be two iPads to choose from next year when the second-generation, iPad 2 goes on sale. According to Reuters, their source has confirmed the revamped iPad will have the front and rear cameras and a higher resolution screen as we’ve previously reported. However, a second supply chain source confirmed that “Apple is preparing a smaller iPad, almost half the size of the current model”.

The smaller iPad would likely feature a seven inch display, assuming of course the rumor pans out. This is certainly not the first rumor we’ve heard on Apple products and it won’t be the last. For the time being, we’ll try to forget about the rant on seven inch tablets by Steve Jobs in October and remain optimistic a second, smaller iPad does exist.

via Reuters

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