Marantz Melody Media, first AirPlay music streaming system

The Marantz Melody Media has just nabbed the title of the world’s first AirPlay certified music system – assuming you’re not counting Apple’s own iOS devices – so if you’re an Apple obsessive looking for a high end addition to your multi room music set up, come check it out: we’ve got all the details here.

Apple outed its plans for AirPlay at its iPod event last month, and while not technically new, its own technology should help bring wireless media streaming into the mainstream – as the third party manufacturers like Marantz chomping at the bit to use it shows.

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The Marantz Melody Media is the first AirPlay gizmo out of the gate, and as you can see from the photos, it’s a slick looking doozy. It plays CDs and MP3s burned onto CD, as well as FM/AM/DAB radio stations, and packs two 2x60W stereo amplifiers, plus a USB connection for iPods and MP3 players.

Hook the Marantz Melody Media up to your home network through the Ethernet port at the back though, and you can stream music from a computer or NAS drive via DLNA, or from any iPad, iPhone or iPod touch via AirPlay. There’s also Napster integration if you don’t fancy paying for CDs any more – if you’ve ever seen Napster or Spotify running on a Sonos set up, you’ll know it’s a worthy outlay.

The Marantz Melody Media is on sale this month for £449.90, but you’ll need to shell out an extra £40 for the AirPlay firmware upgrade in November. Is it worth the extra cost? Let us know in the comments below!

Out October | £449.90 | Marantz

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