Samsung Galaxy Tab with the Android interface

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is already the most impressive Google flavoured slate we’ve seen so far, but according to a new report, you might just be able to give it a stellar update. Not from Android Froyo to Gingerbread, mind, but Android to Chrome OS. But would you want this? Tell us!

Yesterday’s Sunday Times ingear section claims that the Samsung Galaxy Tab‘s Android OS “can be replaced with Chrome, when that arrives, though owners who aren’t tech savvy should have this upgrade carried out by a professional”.

Samsung Galaxy Tab hands on photos

The report doesn’t quote a source, and unless Android and the upcoming Chrome OS meet in the middle with some sort of Gingerbread fusion, this sounds extremely unlikely to us. But needless to say, we’ve contacted Samsung for clarification and will update when we hear back.

But it got us wondering. Would you want a Samsung Galaxy Tab with Chrome OS onboard? Do you think its 7-inch screen size would lend itself to Chrome’s laptop/netbook ambitions, and would you welcome Google’s web apps for Chrome on it over what you can nab off the Android Market already? Take sides and set up your stall in the comments below!

Out TBC | £TBC | Samsung (Via The Sunday Times – paywall)

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