The Nokia E7 stole the show at Nokia World this morning in London. It’s a sensational QWERTY sliding Symbian 3 smartphone with an AMOLED screen, and we got a good look at it up close, so read on for the photos and first impressions. Is this the real Symbian saviour?

When closed, the Nokia E7 looks a lot like the N8 from a distance, but with a 4-inch screen, it’s actually a fair bit larger. The 640×360 screen is absolutely stunning, and so fast that everything seems very smooth indeed. The keyboard meanwhile is an enormous treat for heavy emailer: it’s roomy, with no typical Nokia flaws like an errant space bar. If anything, it reminded us of typing on an old Psion organiser – there’s an audience out there who are going to fall in love with it.

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We’re surprised at just how thin the Nokia E7 is when closed, but the screen pops up and rests at a useful angle for your thumbs and fingers to roam on the keyboard. And we’d never thought we’d say this about Symbian, but well, it flies – the performance on this prototype is already first rate.

Truth be told, we’re a little bit puzzled as to why Nokia’s been touting the Nokia N8 as its flagship Symbian 3 phone all this time with a stunner like this around the corner. Still, when there’ a choice, who’s complaining? Not us. Have a look at the Nokia E7 up close right here in our hands on gallery, and stay tuned for plenty more coverage from Nokia World.

Out Q4 2010 | £TBC | Nokia

  • Lloyd

    Too little too late for too many consumers. I had Nokia devices for 6 yrs and I got tired of having a device that was out-dated before it was released, or there just are no apps made for it like the iPhone or Android phones. I recently got the Samsung Galaxy S and I don't see going back to Nokia any time soon. Now if Nokia ditches Symbian and starts using Android I'll be first in line to buy a device!

    • Lloyd???

      Lloyd, if you don't like Nokia products any more, why have you gone around all the Nokia sites and posted exactly the same message at each of them?

  • MJ

    I agree on the too little too late comment by Lloyd, the fact this is likely to arrive the wrong side of Christmas this year, is going to put a lot of people off.

    If HTC announce something killer tomorrow, especially something with a qwerty, you can bet it will be out in October while Nokia, the largest phone manufacturer in the world, struggles getting handsets out in six months not weeks.

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