Sims 3 Late Night, gallery and first play, now with vampires

We’ve had a first play of the latest Sims expansion pack, Sims 3 Late Night, and we’re telling you, it’s not pretty. This Sims game is all about dive bars, rock bands, and vampires…

A new feature for Sims 3 Late Night is vampires. It gives you the power to be a vampire, hunt mortals, and have vampire babies. You can also move faster than usual, similar to the vampire traits in a certain popular franchise, and yes, you can go out in the sun, but you’ll tire easier than if you’re bar hopping at night.


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If you’re a Sims 3 Late Night Vampire, you might look like an ordinary Sim, but you can sleep in a coffin if you want, although it’ll set you back quite a lot of Simoleans though. Your thirst bar is exchanged for a blood thirst bar, and you no longer have to eat.

When you’re turned into a vampire in Sims 3 Late Night, it’ll take a few days for you to change. In that time your skin will become paler, you’ll grow fangs, and your eyes will start glowing, in slightly creep way. In hunt mode, you’ll growl, and prowl around choosing which unsuspecting Sim to feed from.

In Sims 3 Late Night, when you’re after a draft of Sim blood though, you can’t just go around sucking on necks. Your Sim will have to make friends with, and build a relationship with another Sim before being allowed to chow down – i.e., you can only feed on the blood of a friend. If you’re in a romantic way with another Sim, then you’ll feed affectionately from one another’s neck. Cute…

Not as cute as Sims vampire babies, which you’ll have if one of you is a vamp. Any offspring of Sims 3 Late Night will not exhibit their vampiric tendencies, except when biting their teddy bears.

Another new feature for Sims 3 Late Night is the option to be self employed. Essentially, this means you can be in a band. You can invite people to be in your band, invite your band over for a jam, and eventually get to play gigs and earn some cash.

So that your band has something to play on, there are added instruments: drums, double bass, keyboards and piano, on top of the guitar. Playing your instrument also counts as a skill, so can help you build points. Added to the city are also subway stations, where you can busk, (or get mugged) to earn some extra pennies.

The Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack adds some elements that may or may not be inspired by recent obsessions over vampires caused by a certain popular franchise. But, it doesn’t matter, because the additions are characterful and well thought out with typical attention to detail and extra quirks, giving an extra edge to the game.

Out 29 Oct | TBC | TBC

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