Dell Streak Android 2.1 update enrages O2 customers

The newly released Dell Streak Android 2.1 update for O2 customers looked like great news but it’s turned out to be a nightmare for many users. Furious forum visitors on both the O2 and Dell sites are reporting that the update has crippled their Dell Streak, removing features and making syncing impossible. Read on for some tech horror stories…

Electricpig reader, KilnClose flagged up the problems they faced with the Dell Streak Android 2.1 update: “Don’t do it – once again a major player in the market has rolled out something without checking it – not only will it wipe your phone clean of any data it then refuses to sync with PCSuite – and if you think you can go back to 1.6 think again.”


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Other Dell Streak users report that the Android 2.1 update has screwed up Windows Media Video playback and removed the Facebook widget as well as causing malfunctioning accelerometers and constantly flashing buttons.

A user on the O2 forum, Alistair Gill, reports that O2 told him the Dell Streak PC syncing problem after updating to Android 2.1 is down to Dell not updating the software. It will only work with Android 1.6.

Dell has promised a new Dell Streak Android 2.1 update to fix the issues but it’s not offered up a release date or an official statement. It may be of little consequence to you if you didn’t backup your data before diving in an grabbing the Dell Streak Android 2.1 update. It’s not been a great week for O2 after it had to pull the HTC Desire Froyo 2.2 update.

If you’ve been left in the lurch by the Dell Streak Android 2.1 update, share your story in the comments below.

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