LG 31 inch OLED TV

OLED TVs have had us cooing for years, but they’ve always been tiny and expensive. Now LG has solved one of those problems, showing off a 31 inch OLED TV which will hit stores in March 2011. Finally, OLED is big enough for the living room. The only downside is it’ll cost around £6,000 to get it there.

For the money though, you’ll get a Full HD TV set to floor all others, with an “infinite” contrast ratio and colours as rich as those buying it, the world’s largest commercially available OLED TV measures 31 inches across, as is also the slimmest in the world at 2.9mm thick.

The pictures produced by LG’s top-end telly are stunning, and it’s 3D capable too. We clapped eyes on it at LG’s IFA booth and were told an “extremely limited run” would go on sale in March. If you’re planning to get your hands on one you’ll need a hefty dose of luck to match a bulky wallet – the whole of Germany is being limited to 500 units, and the rest of Europe will see similar scarcity.

We were told pricing for the swanky LG OLED TV would come in at €7,000, or roughly £6,000 when it goes on sale next year.

Take a look at the 31 inch LG OLED TV in our gallery above. It’s a peach, but with a price tag that means we’ll be left dreaming about OLED ownership for the foreseeable future.

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