Samsung Galaxy S Froyo update leaks on video

We knew a Samsung Galaxy S Froyo update was on the horizon in the not too distant future, but owners of Samsung’s epic Android smartphone can stop looking over at HTC Desire owners with envy right now: the first video of Samsung’s Android 2.2 build is up online, and well, it looks great.

We love the Samsung Galaxy S in its Android 2.1 form, but we’re certainly not going to turn our noses up at a free bump up to Android 2.2, and all the features it brings with it, like Flash 10.1 support and speed increases all around. And while what you can see in this video isn’t the final build of the Samsung Galaxy S Froyo update (It requires some serious hackery to install), it’s a great look at what to expect nonetheless.

Got a Samsung Galaxy S? Grab a cup and settle down for this Samsung Galaxy S Froyo update walkthrough, complete with charmingly polite British host. If you can’t watch videos at work, not to worry: we’ll be back with a full roundup of all the new Samsung Galaxy S Froyo features shortly.

Out TBC | £TBC | Samsung (Via XDA Developers)

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