Gmail phone calls, 1 million made in 24 hours

Gmail phone calls have got off to a flying start. Over 1 million were placed in the first 24 hours by users eager to try out the free service. What we don’t know is how many of the folk nattering were from outside the US…

Google rolled out a new service to Gmail users that will let them make free calls to US numbers and international calls at reduced rates earlier this week.

The service is currently aimed at US customers but, as we discovered yesterday, Google accidentally gave international Gmail users a taste of what they are missing. Google says it’s switched it off again but you can still trick it by changing your language settings to US English.

Regardless of how many non-Americans have used the loophole, Gmail phone call figures for the first 24 hours are impressive. Over 1 million calls were placed by eager Gmailers before the service was even a day old.

It is not yet clear if Gmail Phone Calls will integrate with Google Voice, and despite Google’s slip up yesterday we are still no closer to knowing when either service will roll out formally in the UK.

TBC | £tbc | Gmail (via Google Twitter feed)

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