Android tablet offers glasses-free 3D

The Nintendo 3DS and the rumoured Toshiba TV aren’t the only tech products offering 3D without glasses. An Android tablet dubbed the Supernova X1 also uses auto-stereoscopic technology to put images into three dimensions and have them visible with the naked eye.

The Android tablet, manufactured by Chinese firm Rockchip, uses very similar technology to that featured in the Nintendo 3DS – so there will be a button that simply switches between 2D and 3D viewing.


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The Supernova X1 is only at the prototype stage at present, and little is known about potential specifications, pricing and availability. That could all change at next week’s IFA expo in Berlin, where the Android tablet will get its official debut. We’ll be in attendance so keep it here for more news…

Out TBC | £TBC | Rockchip (via CrunchGear)

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