Windows Phone 7 to Xbox 360 real time gaming teased

Windows Phone 7 isn’t arriving with real-time multiplayer gaming but will jump to some phone-to-console real time gaming in the future according to a Microsoft rep. That represents a big move from Windows Phone 7’s initial turn-based phone-to-phone multiplayer gaming and has definitely got us intrigued…

During an event in Toronto, Microsoft rep, Greg Milligan, revealed the future plans for Windows Phone 7 gaming. He said: “We are working on real-time phone-to-console, likely initially through Wi-Fi.” While we wait, he also promised that some Windows Phone 7 games will link to or unlock content in Xbox 360 titles.


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He continued: “[There will be] companion-type gaming where you play a level on the phone and it may unlock a level or a weapon or some sort of special achievement on the console game.”

No timescale for the arrival of Windows Phone 7 to Xbox 360 real-time gaming has been announced but Milligan said we can “expect to have it in the near future”.

Other intriguing tidbits revealed at the event include the news that game invites will be represented by your friends’ avatars in the Windows Phone 7 gaming tile and that console to phone chat is also being toyed with. Could the latter be Windows Phone 7’s equivalent of FaceTime?

Take a look at the list of Windows Phone 7 games that have already been announced and let us know what you make of Microsoft’s next step in mobile gaming. Do you think Windows Phone 7 will get you into a touchscreen-tapping frenzy?

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