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The best Android phone. Toughie, isn’t it? Ask anyone on the street a year ago and things would have been easy – there would have only been about two to pick from. In the months since though, Google’s mobile OS has exploded in popularity, with scores of high end phones from almost every manufacturer under the sun now available. Which one should you pick? Our Top 5 Best Android phone list will tell, right here.

Roll those pupils over to the right of the screen and you’ll see our up to the minute Top 5 best Android phone countdown. It’s got all the details you’ll need on the very best Android smartphones around – you can check out reviews, or even skip through to search out a great deal on your network with the Buy It button. Or check them out in detail below!

Best Android apps of all time: Top 100

1. Google Nexus S

The ultimate Android phone: Samsung hardware and untouched Google software (Android 2.3).

2. Samsung Galaxy S

The Samsung Galaxy S is our favourite Android phone so far, courtesy of stupendously powerful hardware, a dazzling screen, and a friendly software overlay draped on top of Android. Go get!

3. HTC Desire HD

Check out all you need to know on the huge slab of hotness that is the HTC Desire HD now.

4. HTC Legend

Check out the HTC Legend, and why we think it’s the best mid-range smartphone ever in our HTC Legend review.

5. HTC Desire

The HTC Desire has one beautiful screen, and HTC has managed to keep up with Google’s breakneck speeds when it comes to updates.

Of course, the best Android phone is a title that’s constantly changing hands, and we’re constantly reviewing this list and updating. Every time, a new Google blower claims the top spot, we’ll let you know. But for the meantime, check out the best Android phones in the world right now with our guide.

Disagree with our Top 5 Best Android phone roundup? Let us know which phones you think make the cut in the comments below.

And the best of the rest:
Orange San Francisco
Motorola Milestone 2
Google Nexus One
HTC Desire Z

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