iPhone 4 jailbreak, 5 apps waiting in the wings

An iPhone 4 jailbreak solution hasn’t surfaced yet but when it does, those folk who decide to crack open iOS 4 will be able to transform their new iPhone with stacks of unofficial apps. Here’s the five we’d like to see arrive in the wake of an iPhone 4 jailbreak. Take a look and let us know what other missing iPhone 4 features you’d like to see added unofficially…
iPhone 4 3G FaceTime calls
We’ve talked about iPhone 4 3G FaceTime calls before and we’re pretty certain they’ll be top of the list for unofficial app developers. Expect to see iChat integration being cobbled together too. The one worry is that though iPhone 3G FaceTime calls will be unlocked by an iPhone 4 jailbreak, the vaults of cash you’ll need to pay for all the data they’ll use won’t be.

iPhone 4 HD Uploading
iPhone 4 grabs 720p HD video but when you upload your footage from the phone to YouTube, it compresses it down. Steve Jobs has hinted that HD uploading is officially coming to iPhone 4 in the future but after the iPhone 4 jailbreak, we’d expect to see apps that let you fling your full fat footage online without having to plug in your phone and rely on your computer.

iPhone 4 themes
Apps like Winterboard have been allowing iPhone tweakers to skin their phones with custom themes for yonks but we’d love to see some dedicated iPhone 4 and iOS 4 customisation apps arrive with the iPhone 4 jailbreak. It’s not that we’re ungrateful for folders and wallpapers but we’d still like to be able to easily mess around with the whole look of the OS. Who says Apple’s designers know best?

iPhone 4: the Wi-Fi hotspot
Yes, we know there are iPhone 4 tethering plans on offer from networks but we’d still expect to see iPhone 4 versions of apps like MyWi which turn the iPhone into a mobile hotspot. Unlike tethering, it would allow you to hook up several devices (including the Wi-Fi iPad) to the iPhone 4 and let them feed on its 3G connection.

iPhone 4: the console controller
The iPhone has been reborn as a Wiimote replacement before and with a gryroscope joining the accelerometer in iPhone 4, the rush to be the first coder to it after the iPhone 4 jailbreak controlling the Wii, an Xbox 360 or the PS3 will already be on. We know it would just be a novelty but, hell, it’d keep us amused for a few hours.

What apps are you hoping to see enabled by an iPhone 4 jailbreak? Tells us below and remember, the week’s best commenter wins an exclusive Electricpig mug and some virtual vouchers to spend.

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