iPhone 4 - jailbreak coder pledges Flash for iOS 4

Flash on iPhone 4? No your eyes aren’t dreaming. Intrepid iPhone 4 jailbreakers have brought Adobe’s divisive web tech to Steve Jobs’ platform. They’ve got Flash running on an iPad, and say they’ll soon have it running on iPhone 4.

iPhone jailbreak team Comex have been showing off Flash running on the iPad. Dubbed ‘Frash’ it’s been hacked together using code from Android, and blesses the iPad’s Safari browser with everything needed to run Flash inside the Safari browser.

Best of all, the coders say they’ll soon bring Frash to jailbroken iPhones and iOS 4. Bet Steve Jobs is fuming. Check out the video of Frash runnin on an iPad below.

TBC | £free | Frash (Thanks for the tip Darren!)

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