Dell Streak gives Samsung Galaxy S a spanking

The Dell Streak and Samsung Galaxy S are the smartphones du jour if you can ignore the continuing iPhone 4 hype, so yesterday we asked you which was your outright favourite. In our heart of hearts we expected Samsung to streak ahead of Dell’s tablet since it’s a much more mainstream gadget, but you delivered a surprise spanking to the Galaxy S, with almost three times the support for Dell’s Android baby.

A stonking 73% of Electricpig readers threw their weight behind the Dell Streak, while only 26% said they’d prefer Samsung’s smartie.

It’s not the first surprise we’ve had at the hands of the Dell Streak this week either. Yesterday it slipped quietly out of exclusivity, shaking of the shackles of an O2-only deal as Dell began selling the Streak unlocked and SIM-free on its European web store.

The results of yesterday’s Dell Streak vs Galaxy S poll are just the latest in a tsunami of support for the unlikely Android hero. Earlier this month we asked whether you’d plump for the Dell Streak over an iPhone 4, and the results were astonishing: the Dell Streak cruised to victory, with 59.64 percent of the vote.

Just what is it about the oversized blower that has you hooked? In our Dell Streak review we proclaimed it as “very nearly the ultimate geek phone,” praising its Gorilla Glass screen and Android innards. Write us your love letters to the Dell Streak in the comments section below, and we might even award a prize for the best one.

Out now | £449 SIM-free | Dell

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