iPad gets Google Earth app

The Google Earth iPhone app has been updated for the iPad. Yep, version 3.0 of the Google Earth app now includes native support for the iPad, allowing you to view images in higher resolution on Apple’s 10-inch tablet.

The Google Earth app’s new features don’t stop there, though. If you download the iPad version you’ll notice it has an “iPad specific” look and feel, and in-map photos now appear as pop-ups rather than full screen.

Both the iPad and iPhone 3GS (and the iPhone 4, when it’s actually out) versions of the Google Earth app also have road layers in the new version, so you can now squiz street layouts alongside the usual Google Earth staple of satellite and aerial images and 3D terrain.

Only the Wi-Fi + 3G iPad comes with integrated GPS, so you’ll need to use Wi-Fi triangulation if you want to lock your location on the Wi-Fi only model.

Out now | £Free | App Store (via Electronista)

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