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The LG Windows Phone 7 handset revealed earlier this year has made its way across the Atlantic and landed in our hands here in the UK. We grabbed a go with the South Korean company’s first smartphone to use the new OS: read on for the photos!

Windows Phone 7 has come on leaps and bounds since we saw a skeletal version of it in action back at Mobile World Congress in February: so much so in fact that a senior Microsoft exec has been using this LG Windows Phone 7 prototype as their own personal handset for daily use.

We’re much more excited seeing that unusual homescreen bursting with info this time round (in an amusing, if impractical touch, a smiley faces turns to a frown the more unread texts you have) and we have to say, it’s certainly much nippier now, with a working calendar that can detect addresses in text and proffer up speedy Bing maps, and frankly astounding looking Office support that puts Google Docs access on mobiles to shame.

The screen on the LG Windows Phone 7 model is also a vast improvement on the poor display on the original Windows Phone 7 prototype shown at Barcelona, and it really felt like a finished product on the outside at least, with a sturdy sliding mechanism and decent landscape keyboard.

Windows Phone 7 hands on photos

We’ve yet to play with the Android 2.1 LG LU2300 phone sporting a similar form factor and Snapdragon 1GHz processor, but we can see the first LG Windows Phone 7 model being a serious alternative to it, provided the latter’s lack of multitasking doesn’t make it a non-starter. Unfortunately, we don’t know when the LG Windows Phone 7 model goes on sale, but since it was the first third party blower to be shown, we’re hopeful it’ll be available at launch in the run up to Christmas.

Take a look at our LG Windows Phone 7 hands on photos here in our gallery. Will you be buying one? Sound off in the comments!

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