Google Smart TV to be revealed this week

Google TV rumours have been growing louder form months but a new report says Google has now given the project a name – Google Smart TV – and is set to unveil it at the Google I/O conference which starts on Wednesday. Read on for the next episode in Google, Intel and Sony’s Google Smart TV adventure…

The FT reports that Google Smart TV will involve the search giant tapping into the Android developer community to create apps for the new service. A set-top box packing an Intel Atom chip is on the cards as are TVs from Sony integrating the Smart TV service.

We heard all those whispers back in March when the first concrete signs of a Google TV project were revealed. But the Google Smart TV project seems to be getting nearer to arrival with Eric Kim, head of Intel’s Digital Home group, telling analysts: “We’re gearing up for a massive retail launch of [connected devices] this year.”

Getting Android developers to create apps for Google Smart TV could give the OS a big leg up over the iPhone OS. We’d guess that Google Smart TV will cause Apple to change its tune about the “hobby” Apple TV and put the rumoured plans to add the iPhone OS to it into action.

App makers are likely to jump on Google Smart TV with gusto. Media hub maker Boxee has already called plans for Google Smart TV “a great opportunity”.

Samsung has also suggested that it might build TVs incorporating Google Smart TV but we’re still left wondering how it’ll differ from the Internet@TV service and previous Toshiba TV widget plans.

What do you think Google Smart TV will include? Do you think it’ll make Apple up its game with Apple TV?

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