Google Android 2.2 - USB tethering and WiFi hotspot skills revealed

Google Android 2.2 is due to arrive next week but some more of its secrets have just slipped out. As well as Flash support, Android 2.2 Froyo will come with USB tethering and the ability to turn your phone into a WiFi hotspot built-in. That sound you can hear is mobile network bosses grinding their teeth…

Techcrunch has spilled the beans ahead of the Google Android 2.2 launch. The OS update will have USB tethering baked right in to allow you to share your data connection with your laptop.

While there are already apps out there to activate WiFi tethering on Android handsets, the new USB tethering feature would effectively turn your phone into a 3G dongle.

But it’s the news that Google Android 2.2 will let you turn your phone into a WiFi hotspot that’s got us most excited. Putting the feature at the heart of the OS could mean there’ll no longer be any need to pack a mobile hotspot gizmo like the MiFi.

With USB tethering and WiFi hotspot smarts, Google Android 2.2 could suddenly give phones like the Nexus One and the HTC Desire an extra spark. And Apple will need to think hard about how iPhone 4.0 deals with data.

Are you gagging to get Android 2.2 on your phone? What other features are you hoping Google will introduce?

Due TBC | £free | Google (via Techcrunch)

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