Blackberry tablet rumoured - no 3G planned

A Blackberry tablet is apparently in the works at RIM but the first details don’t sound that inspiring. Rather than packing 3G, the Blackberry tablet is apparently set to rely on Bluetooth and WiFi. Read on for all the slightly worrying whispers about the Blackberry tablet project…

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Boy Genius Report claims a Blackberry tablet is definitely in the works. It says the device is an 8.9in tablet which would make it a little on the small side compared to the 9.7in iPad. Also, unlike Apple’s slate, the Blackberry tablet reportedly won’t have the option of 3G.

The report suggests RIM is planning on making the Blackberry Tablet (presumably running the Blackberry 6 OS) a companion device to pair with your Blackberry via Bluetooth or hook up to WiFi. It’ll apparently focus on e-books, email, web browsing and photos. That all sounds firmly in the space that Apple has taken up with the iPad and Google will be going for with Chrome OS and Android tablets.

The rumours suggest that the Blackberry tablet is slated for a December release but that RIM’s engineers are trying to get it done sooner. With the Asus Eee Pad set for July, the HP Slate potentially turning to webOS and an avalanche of Android tablets coming, that sounds wise.

Employees within RIM are reportedly frustrated about the entire Blackberry tablet plan and don’t think it’s a goer. Do you think RIM is right to try and devise a Blackberry tablet or should it stick to building new phones like the Blackberry Pearl 3G?

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