Samsung SNE-60 ebook reader incoming

Remember the Samsung E6 ebook reader we spotted way back at CES in January? Well, Samsung has confirmed that the Samsung SNE-60 ebook reader is coming to the UK. That could be good news for the iPad-phobic or anyone looking to replace their Amazon Kindle…

The Samsung SNE-60 first popped up at CES as the Samsung E6. It packs a 6in, 600×800 greyscale e-ink screen, weighs in at 315g and measures just 171 x 120 x 16mm. It has WiFi built-in but no 3G skills.

The onboard memory will store up to 1,200 books but you can stuff the Samsung SNE-60 with more via it’s SD card slot. The big Samsung’s big selling point is handwriting recognition with its stylus which we used to make some charming squiggles when we got our hands on it at CES.

There’s support for ePub, PDF and TXt formats, a built-in dictionary and an MP3 player function for listening to audio books or music. Samsung claims its text-to-speech again will also allow the Samsung SNE-60 to accurately read a book to you without mispronunciations.

Samsung hasn’t given us a firm date for the Samsung SNE-60 but is promising it’ll hit the shelves within the next couple of months. Back at CES it was quoting pricing from around £187.

Let us know what you think of the Samsung SNE-60. Is there room for another ebook reader in a world with the iPad and other touch-sensitive options like the Sony Reader Touch?

Due TBC | £TBC | Samsung

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