New AMD Vision line - super charged ultra thin laptops incoming

A new AMD Vision line has been announced for 2010. AMD, arch rival chip maker to Intel, promises its new range of easy to understand silicon will make your next PC much more powerful, and while it’s revamping its desktop and large laptop processors, it’s the tweaks to its ultra thin notebook systems that’s got us most excited. Want a super slim that can still burn through HD Flash videos? Read on.

While AMD has struggled to match Intel for performance in recent years, we like what it’s been trying to do helping the less tech savvy understand what they’re buying. Its AMD Vision line offers an easy way to understand what each CPU gets you in real world terms (Casual web browsing and gaming, HD movie playback or video editing for instance), and now it’s been given a bump.

You can now get DirectX11 support for the latest game support, as well as the potential for up to seven hours of battery life in new mainstream laptops with AMD Vision systems inside, but it’s the new AMD Vision ultra thin platform that’s got us most excited.

Acer Aspire Timeline X hands on photos!

From now on, any super skinny portable laptop you see badged up with the AMD Vision logo will use either an AMD Athlon 2 Neo or Athlon 2 Neo Dual Core processor, and use either an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5400 or 4200 graphics card for powering through HD video, while still offering a battery life of up to eight hours. The platform also supports HDMI out, so you’ll be able to plug AMD Vision ultra thin laptops straight into your TV to act as a media centre.

The upshot for you? New ultra portable laptops to rival the Acer Aspire Timeline X, MSI X-Slim and MacBook Air for manila envelope convenience. We haven’t got the exact specs and pricing just yet, but AMD says HP, Acer and Lenovo will all be using the new AMD Vision platform for new models.

There’s also no word just yet on when we’ll be seeing the new AMD Vision line making its way into big brand models, but since it’s the 2010 AMD Vision line up, we have a sneaking suspicion it might just be this year. We can’t wait.

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