iPhone 4.0 leaked in Vietnam, Apple processor revealed

iPhone 4.0 has appeared in the wild again. This iPhone 4.0 leak has been revealed by a Vietnamese website and shows a handset that’s the spitting image of the iPhone 4G prototype nabbed by Gizmodo. But there are some extra clues about the iPhone 4.0 this time including the chip lurking inside…

It seems Apple is really struggling to keep hold of iPhone 4.0 prototypes. The latest leak comes via Vietnamese web forum Taoviet which has posted images of a 16GB iPhone 4.0.

XXX placeholders on the back of the iPhone 4.0 suggest it’s still pre-production and unlike the iPhone 4.0 lost by Gray Powell it’s running a test programme rather than the full iPhone OS.

This iPhone 4.0 has been cracked open to reveal an Apple branded chip seemingly confirming rumours that we’ll see the Apple A4 processor that powers the iPad making its way into the new iPhone.

There is one noticeable physical difference between this iPhone 4.0 leak and the previous sightings of the new iPhone: two screws that were previously at the bottom of the handset have now disappeared. That could mean that this iPhone 4G model is closer to a final production model.

The source of this iPhone 4.0 leak isn’t clear but MacRumours claims a source told it that the model was bought by an Asian businessman on a trip to the US. How many more iPhone 4.0 handsets are out there?

We’re expecting to see iPhone 4.0 launch at WWDC next month. Now this iPhone design is starting to definitely look like it’s the one, let us know what you think and feel free to speculate on why Apple has struggled to keep the new iPhone under wraps.

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