Apple closing LaLa - iTunes streaming incoming

Apple has announced that it’s closing LaLa, the music streaming service it acquired in December last year. The LaLa website will close as of May 31, just ahead of the Apple World Wide Developers Conference on June 7. It finally looks like an iTunes streaming service is arriving imminently…

An iTunes Replay service to stream music and video from the cloud was reportedly demoed to labels and studios back in March and Apple also snaffled up a major new cloud data centre last year. Closing LaLa looks very much like the final move before it unveiling  iTunes streaming from the cloud.

Apple is giving iTunes credit to LaLa users who’ve built up online libraries and converting unused LaLa giftcards into iTunes Store credit. Until May 21, LaLa users will still be able to stream tunes from the service but then Apple is pulling the plug.

With the LaLa shutdown so close to WWDC, we’re really hoping that Apple is getting ready to unleash the iTunes streaming  service. It could be the perfect “one more thing” in the wake of the iPhone 4.0 leak and would put Apple in a much stronger position versus young upstarts like Spotify.

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