Lunchtime Lowdown - Google Nexus One dated, Nokia N8 leaks and PS3 Remote Play expands

Pip pip! We make it 12.30 o’clock on the dot, so it’s time to stop what you’re doing and catch up with all the latest gadget news instead. It’s all rounded up for you right here in the lunchtime lowdown!

First up, some tasty smartphone news for you on very platform. Symbian obsessives can checkout the Nokia N8 up close thanks to an extensive leak – but it’s not pretty – while the iPhone could be getting Wi-Fi syncing at long last. Oh, and RIM suffered a leak of its own, with two new BlackBerry models getting served up early online. Check them out!

Over in Android territory meanwhile, the Google Nexus One got dated on Vodafone, while we reviewed the T-Mobile Pulse Mini, the £99 Google phone. Has it made too many concessions to get so cheap? Don’t forget to check out the Android Invades hub for plenty more options, from the little HTC Tattoo, to the turbo charged Sony Ericssson Xperia X10.

Meanwhile, in the world of PCs and PlayStations, Sony’s latest firmware update is paving the way for PS3 Remote Play on PCs – but only Sony VAIOs. Sticking with computing, be sure to check out our guide to slinging your laptop screen to a TV, quickly, easily and wirelessly using Q-waves‘ streaming tech. Find out more about Q-waves.

Still want more news? Jump on over to the homepage and help yourself to it all as it breaks.

Check out our Android Invasion, starting with our first robot romance video below!

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