Asus tablet - Eee Pad due July

An Asus tablet, the long-anticipated Asus Eee Pad, will be unveiled in June at the Computex Conference. And interestingly sources in Taiwan say we can expect to have the Asus tablet in our hands by July. Will the Android packing Asus Eee Pad give the more famous iPad a run for its money?

Asus chairman, Jerry Shen, has announced that the first of two long-predicted Asus tablets will be shown off in June. Asus hasn’t revealed many specs for the Asus Eee Pad tablet but we know it’ll use a Tegra chip, and run the Android OS.

The Asus tablet also has a webcam, USB ports and Flash support. Asus has added those features to the Eee Pad in a bid to battle the iPad. If previous pronouncements by Asus’s Johnny Shih play out, we can also expect another Asus tablet this year.

Asus says its planning to launch the Eee Pad in Q3 2010 but the famously leaky component makers of Taiwan suggest it’ll arrive in late-July. The rumoured price of the Asus tablet currently stands at $479 but we’d expect that to be a lot lower given Asus’s aim to compete with the iPad.

There’s going to be a wave of iPad rivals washing over us in the next few months with the HP Slate and the Dell Looking Glass also in the fray.

Due July | £TBC | Asus (via Digitimes)

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