Farmville for iPad, iPhone, Android incoming

Farmville has already conquered Facebook and we warned you last week that a Farmville sequel is on the way. But it looks like the farmstead could be about to cover even more acres with Famville for iPad, iPhone and Android phones on the horizon. Could Famville be about to harvest a whole lot of apps?

Clues pointing to Farmville apps for iPad, iPhone and Android were revealed by the Supererogatory blog which discovered that, and had all been registered by Farmville creators Zynga.

Now that needn’t mean much as firms often hoover up related domains but Zynga has confirmed plans to launch Farmville apps outside of the sheltering walls of Facebook.

Zynga says: “[We] plan to expand to various mobile platforms. We cannot provide additional information at this time.” If you’re addicted to harvesting vegetables and tending your animals on Facebook, Farmville on your phone or iPad is great news.

However, for everyone who’s been frustrated by Farmville alerts cluttering up their Facebook newsfeed, the prospect of Farmville taking root on their friends’ phones will be a frightening one.

Due TBC | from £free | Zynga (via Mashable)

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