Blur Xbox Live beta - play it early

Blur, the upcoming online multiplayer racing game which mixes Gran Turismo graphics with bonkers Super Mario Kart power up antics, isn’t out until the end of May. If you’ve got an Xbox 360 and an Xbox Live pass though, you can jump online and start shunting other gamers at high speed right now, and for free, as the multiplayer beta has just gone public. Read on for the details.

Microsoft Xbox Live spokesperson Major Nelson has just given word that Blur, Activision’s eagerly awaited online arcade racer, has now hit public beta for multiplayer. You can check out the Blur multiplayer demo right now for free and pit yourself against up to 19 others in six different game modes. Previously you needed a code to get in on the fun, but now anyone with an Xbox Live gold membership can jump in.

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Blur is also headed to the PS3 and PC when it lands on 28 May, but anyone with Microsoft’s console can test out the hotly touted multiplayer modes right now by clicking on through to the Xbox Live Marketplace and scheduling a download.

Out Now | £free | Activision

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