iPad Flash battle continues - Google Chrome OS will have Flash built-in

The iPad Flash battle looks set to intensify with the news that Google Chrome will integrate Adobe Flash Player. The move which was hinted at yesterday was announced on the official Google Chrome developer blog. Google has also confirmed that Flash will be built-in to the forthcoming Google Chrome OS. Looks like the iPad will have some Flash touting Google Chrome tablets to fear…

In what could be seen as a dig at Steve Jobs and the iPad, Google made a point of noting that Adobe Flash Player is “the most widely used web browser plug-in”, in its blog post announcing that Google Chrome will come with Flash built in. The first version of the Google Chrome browser with Flash Player is a developer build which is available now.

Google says it will launch a version of Google Chrome with Flash Player integration as quickly as it can. It confirmed to Techcrunch that the forthcoming Google Chrome OS will also feature Flash Player integration which means the forthcoming Google Chrome OS tablet devices will have one up on the iPad.

Google Chrome and Google Chrome OS will automatically receive the latest version of Flash Player meaning users will not have to remember to install plug-in updates themselves. Google Chrome will also extend the “sandbox” feature which separates individual processes to Flash content to strengthen security.

The iPad video had a boost this week with news that Brightcove will extend HTML5 support to the hundreds of websites which use its video platform. But the reign of Flash as the dominant web video standard could be prolonged if Google Chrome OS tablets like the Asus tablets we heard about this morning take off.

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