Need For Speed Shift - BlackBerry 3D games arrive

Need For Speed Shift 3D has just landed on the BlackBerry App World for lucky Storm 2 owners in the UK. It’s a remarkable first for BlackBerry not because of the big name franchise, but because it’s the first foray into proper 3D graphics on BlackBerry OS and a bid to make it a true rival to the iPhone for gaming.

BlackBerry Storm 2 owners in the US got Need For Speed Shift 3D last week, but it’s now available on the App World here too. Download it, and you’ll get the chance to slide eight different cars around tracks in Chicago, London, Dubai and Italy, and race in either third person, or first person driver view.

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Need For Speed Shift 3D is a landmark addition to the App World however, as it’s the first BlackBerry game to make use of OpenGL 3D graphics, which RIM first promised back in November last year. As you can see in the video, it’s a vast improvement on the 2D puzzle games that proliferate on the App World right now.

It’s unfortunate that Need For Speed Shift 3D costs so much though (£7.09), and only runs on the BlackBerry Storm 2, but we have high hopes for the future, especially with rumours of BlackBerry OS 6.0 swirling around. RIM wants an even bigger piece of the consumer pie, so here’s to all the new BlackBerrys from now on having similar skills.

Out Now | £7.09 | BlackBerry (Available on the BlackBerry App World)

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