iPad iBooks Store will include 30,000 free ebooks from Project Gutenberg
iPad owners will be able to grab classic ebooks from the vast Project Gutenberg library directly from the iBooks Store according to a new leak. If it’s true, the flood of free ebooks could give Apple a major advantage in the iPad Kindle showdown.

According to AppAdvice which has been trickling out iPad iBooks Store leaks recently, Apple will integrate the Project Gutenberg catalogue directly. That shouldn’t be too tricky since the iPad supports ePub files and Project Gutenberg offers the classics in its library in ePub, Mobipocket, HTML and simple text.

While Apple has already confirmed that the iPad iBooks app would allow you to sync DRM-free ePub files from other sources to your iPad, plonking Project Gutenberg at the heart of the iBooks Store would obviously be far more convenient.

Project Gutenberg features great fistfuls of fantastic classic books, the current top 10 most downloaded includes Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland (up there thanks to Tim Burton’s attention, no doubt) and Pride And Prejudice. Incorporating it into the iBooks store will make grabbing classics like Dracula on your iPad a doddle.

While the potential for stuffing your iPad with tonnes of classic novels from Project Gutenberg, we’re still not entirely sure exactly when in April the iPad will hit the UK and when the iBooks Store will follow it.

Due April | £TBC | Apple (via AppAdvice)

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