T-Mobile Android 2.1 upgrades dated

If you’re on T-Mobile with a Google phone and itching to upgrade to Android 2.1, you’ll want to grab your diary: we’ve just grabbed the time frame you can expect the network to roll out the big update to all supported handsets. Can’t wait to get in on the Google Nexus One’s software fun? Read on to find out when you can join in.

First up, we’ve got word of the ETA for Android 2.1 on the T-Mobile G2, the rebranded HTC Hero. T-Mobile is expected to roll out Android 2.1 to the Sense social networking phone at the end of April or in early May once testing is complete.

The T-Mobile Pulse Mini meanwhile will jump to Android 2.1 around approximately 23 April, while the Samsung Galaxy Portal will follow towards the end of May.

T-Mobile Pulse Mini: hands on photos

A T-Mobile spokesperson confirmed to us that “T-Mobile is working with all handset manufacturers…to ensure that devices capable of being updated to Android 2.1 are,” and when the Android 2.1 updates are out of the oven, the network “will endeavour to ensure that all our customers receive this software via download from our website.”

We can’t wait to see Android 2.1, which brings a better browser, improved UI and multiple Gmail account support, land on more smartphones, especially after playing with the HTC Legend. Since it’s up to the networks themselves to push out the updates in so many cases, it’s good to see T-Mobile keeping Android users in the loop on availability. Stay tuned for exact dates closer to the time.

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