Lovefilm Samsung TV streaming - first look

We knew Lovefilm online movie streaming was headed to web connected Samsung TVs, but we’ve just got a very first sneak peek at what to expect – and when. Read on for the preview pics!

We couldn’t actually see Lovefilm streaming via the Samsung Internet@TV widget working but we got the next best thing and grabbed a few shots of a demo video showing what the Lovefilm Samsung UI will look like. As you can see, it’s a world away from the Lovefilm Watch Now online service for desktop browsers, with a Cover Flow like scrolling option, and the ability to search by title or actor/director.

Typing the name of a film looks like it will still be a struggle, but the grid for letter selection on the Lovefilm Samsung Internet@TV app is small, and could well be easier to navigate than something like the horrific PS3 on screen keyboard.

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The Lovefilm Samsung Internet@TV service should arrive in April – we’re chasing for the video, more pictures and a proper preview so stay tuned: our Netflix streaming rival has arrived.

Out April | £TBC | Lovefilm and Samsung

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