Half Life and Steam for Mac OS X - Valve tease with spoof ads

Half Life and a host of other Valve games look set to hit Mac OS X with the developer teasing the arrival of its Steam online game distribution service to Macs. While Valve has been subtle with its hints at new Half Life sequel, it’s Steam on Mac hints are anything but…

It took special software and the combined efforts of forum smarties to unpick the clues about a Half Life sequel in Portal and to understand the new Portal ending. The rumours of Steam heading to Mac OS X are not so difficult to interpret. Valve has released a selection of spoof Mac ads drawing on classic campaigns.

Gordon Freeman from Half-Life stars in one dressed in a suit with the classic iMac colours. Team Fortress 2’s Heavy pops up in silhouette in an iPod ad takeoff and a turrets from Team Fortress 2 and Portal replace Mitchell and Web for an “I’m a PC/I’m a Mac” face-off.

But our favourite of the parodies is Valve’s version of the Apple II ad which even mimics the copy from the original: “Introducing Steam…for the rest of us.”

Valve founder Gabe Newell is set to appear at the Game Developers Conference next week. We’ll be awaiting his words eagerly. Bringing all those great Steam games (which also include Left 4 Dead) to Mac OS and announcing Half Life and Portal sequels would be a fine way to accept his Pioneer Award.

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