Honda 3R-C Tron trike in the flesh

The Honda 3R-C Tron trike has debuted at the Geneva Motor Show as the Japanese auto giant promised. We’ve got the video of the eco friendly light cycle in the flesh right here, so read on to see it!

Honda showed off the Honda 3R-C concept three wheeler last week, but now a real model is on display at the car expo in Switzerland. It’s lost a bit of its virtual reality gloss, and its folding canopy doesn’t seem to be in operation, but the Honda 3R-C is still a beautiful looking bike plus one.

Honda P-NUT future super coupe unveiled!

As you’ll see in the video interview, Honda thinks the solution for urban congestion is smaller vehicles like the Honda 3R-C to shepherd people around increasingly crowded cities. We’re not sure that’s the case while they’re all one-seaters like the Honda 3R-C (Surely a family day out using four of these would take up more space on the roads?) but hey, we’re told it’s “the future for Honda,” so we’d better get used to it.

Check out the Honda 3R-C up close in the video below.

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