Apple’s iPad is due later this month but new rumours dare to get specific. Will we be get the iPad in our hands on Friday, March 26? And can it really be true that Apple will give you a gift if you camp out over night to get it?

The Examiner claims its had a little chat with an Apple Store manager in Southern California who share rather more about the Apple iPad than Steve Jobs would be happy with.

The Examiner’s source says though the Apple iPad release date isn’t set in stone yet, March 26 is looking very likely. The Apple Store manager claims staff will get their first chance to use the device on March 10 – plenty of time to be ready to sell it.

As Steve Jobs told us at the Apple iPad launch, the iPad 3G will not arrive until later in either April or May. The first iPad commercial is apparently set to air on March 15.

Most interesting on the rumours trickling out from the careless store manager is the suggestion that Mac fanatics who camp out overnight outside their local Apple Store will get a special gift. Will Jobs be that generous? And how long will we have to wait for that elusive UK Apple iPad price?

Due late-March | £TBC | Apple (via The Examiner)

  • Gregg

    perhaps the free gift will be steve jobs style top hat

    • Ben Sillis

      If only – I wish there were photos of that.

  • CJ84

    I doubt they’re going to sell out so unless the free gift is flash support I won’t be queuing up all night for one!

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