Puma phone teaser site live, what’s Sagem planning

A Puma phone is set to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress next week. A partnership between the titan of trainers and Sagem Wireless, it’s still under wraps, but a new teaser site has gone live, hinting at what to expect, and it’s ever so slightly surreal. Read on for what we’ve gleamed so far.

Fashion phone tie-ins have in the past been absurdly expensive and under powered, but we’re hopeful Sagem, which is prepping new Android phones, is planning on doing things a bit differently with the Puma phone. That’s what we’re taking away from the frankly absurd pumaphone.com anyway, which features a countdown to the day of Sagem’s Mobile World Congress press conference, and several barmy videos of animals that have apparently inspired the creators.

Sagem promises Android phones with fingerprint ID

If the professional site doesn’t convince you, we’ve done some digging and found that the URL is registered in the name of Puma AG Rudolf Dassler, the company behind the Puma brand, so it’s legit.

We’ll be liveblogging Sagem’s prezzer next week so you’ll get all the details on the Puma phone here first, but in the meantime, check out the site and a snippet of insanity in the video below. Tuesday can’t come soon enough.

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