MSI Air Keyboard QWERTY TV controller outed

The MSI Air Keyboard wireless remote might not be as ambitious as the Asus Eee Keyboard media centre, but if you’ve already got a PC plugged into the TV, it’s an essential peripheral – and one with an actual release date.

It’s not as small as the incredible QWERTY remote for the upcoming Boxee Box, but this twin handed wireless keyboard is small enough to pop on your sofa armrest, and weights just 200g, with handy mouse buttons on the top, gamepad trigger style.

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Unless you have an iPhone running Logitech’s new app spare, the MSI Air Keyboard is one of the easiest ways yet to navigate Windows or Mac OS X from afar, and has a range of up to 50 metres with a USB dongle used to hook it up, so Wi-Fi isn’t a necessity either.

The MSI Air Keyboard is actually a rebranding of a Cideko model already available, but we’re hopeful the big name push sees it released outside of its native Germany, and for the same nice price: €79 (£70).

Check out the MSI Air Keyboard up close in our gallery, and if you’re really keen, see the demo video below, complete with broken English.

Out March | €79 | MSI (Via Netbook News)


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