Toshiba Satellite Pro T130 review
We love
Sturdy performance, Tosh’s charging tech, long battery life
We hate
Picks up scratches easily, no optical drive
A decent enough laptop, but too big to lack key features like a disc drive
Launch Price

With a stack of 11-inch laptops cornering the headlines, it seems standard 13-inch efforts are being slowly inched out. So does this Toshiba Satellite Pro T130 have what it takes to become our main machine? Or is it too low powered and too big to handle more than the most basic tasks? Read our Toshiba Satellite Pro T130 review now and we’ll tell all.

The Toshiba Satellite Pro T130 certainly looks the part, with its sharp black glossy finish drawing plenty of envious glances. But before you even fire it up you’ll notice it attracts grease, scratches in fingerprints more easily than a work surface at your local caff.

Once it’s up and running though, you can have few complaints about the Toshiba Satellite Pro T130’s performance. It offers standard fare, with an Intel Celeron processor keeping the power down so you can crank the battery up. This, undoubtedly, is this lappie’s calling card, with juice running an entire working day for us before conking out.

Performance is sturdy, but not sensational. The Toshiba Satellite Pro T130 was happy to run basic apps, but chuck too much video at it and you’ll notice things slow down considerably. Watching movies is a download only experience here sadly, with no optical drive. That’s a big miss on a machine of this size and a compromise we think is hardly worth it.

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The build at times feels flimsy, with the screen have a worrying amount of flexibility. You’ll want to make sure you don’t cart this bad boy around in anything other than the most hefty of laptop bags. That said, the viewing experience is decent enough, offering rich colours and deep blacks, even if the gloss can sometimes lead to annoying glare.

The keyboard performs well, but again it’s nothing to get too het up about. There’s no denying that for £500, the Toshiba Satellite Pro T130 is a decent machine with some good specs. There’s ample USB support with three ports and all the usual connections are present and correct. Plus Tosh’s Sleep and Charge tech, which lets you boost up other gadgets while the laptop’s off, is a neat addition. But if you want a machine that comes with bells and whistles, we advise you shop around and look elsewhere.

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