Talk Talk boss says it will fight government anti-piracy plans

Carphone Warehouse and Talk Talk boss, Charles Dunstone, has said his firm will consider fighting the Government in court if proposals to disconnect alleged file sharers’ internet connections.

Talking to The Telegraph, Dunstone, said he would refuse to send warning letters to customers suspected of file-sharing, even if they became a legal requirement as part of the Digital Economy Bill.

Dunstone says if lobbying against the Digital Economy Bill’s anti-piracy measures, his company will “consider all its options” including legal action. Talk Talk has been publicly opposed to the Government web piracy proposals since the Digital Britain white paper in 2009.

The Talk Talk boss also slammed the music industry: “There is a problem if an industry thinks its business model will be saved by legislation. While the music industry focuses on getting these laws through, it won’t be concentrating on reinventing its business…its customers have gone on strike and turned to piracy because the old model doesn’t work.”

Talk Talk’s view is directly opposed to fellow ISPS, Virgin Media and Sky, which have both supported the Digital Economy Bill’s anti-piracy proposals. Virgin Media has even announced that it will use deep packet inspection to determine how much copyrighted material is present in its traffic.

Dunstone claims that Sky and Virgin support the Government anti-piracy measures because they both have music services while Talk Talk is focused entirely on providing broadband and telephone service.

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